Terms of Use

The Kaia App is not a replacement for medical treatment and the user has the sole responsibility for the App usage.

You are not allowed to use this App without prior consultation with your doctor, if you answer at least one of the following questions with „yes“:

  • Do you have a history of disc herniation or prolapse?
  • Was your pain triggered by and accident and did you not get a medical check thereafter?
  • Is there any evidence that you might have a reduced bone density (osteoporosis)?
  • Do you have a tumor or do you suffer from weight loss, nightly sweating, lack of appetite or quick tiredness?
  • Did you recently suffer from fever or chills?
  • Did you suffer from a bacterial infection in the last couple of months?
  • Did you already get a spinal injection treatment?
  • Besides the pain, do you have a loss of feeling or movement in one of your legs?
  • Do you have problems in keeping stool or urine or do you suffer from a loss of feeling in the genital area?
  • Are you already out of breath after taking the stairs two floors up?
  • Do you suffer from a coronary or circulatory disease which prevents you from doing physical exercises or which reduces your physical performance?
  • You are only allowed to do the physical exercises if your doctor doesn't have any concerns. If your health deteriorates while doing the exercises, you have to stop immediately and consult a doctor.